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Not really a technical demo, but a sample program for Virtual Boy programmers. The source code came with every VUE-Debugger and should introduce to some basic functions. The demo consists of 5 programs, which can be selected with the L and R buttons:

1: Background Display
(Title Screen)
2: Object and Background Display
(Running Monkey)
3: Background Affin Transformation
(Spinning Nintendo Logo)
4: Background H Bias
(Vibrating Nintendo Logo)
5: Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) and Focus Adjustment
(Nintendo Standard Screen)

Interestingly, the code contains a bug, which caused some registers to not being stored correctly and possibly get overwrited. The sample program still runs correctly even if the register was overwritten, but when a developer based his program on that code, it caused annoying bugs, as it happened in the development of Bound High (see our Interview with Hideyuki Nakanishi).