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ger TOTAL! 09/95
TOTAL! - Germany - 3 Pages
A report about the Ultra64 and the Virtual Boy featuring beta screens, a releaselist, an illustration, proto-pics and lots of facts and dates. A racing-game called "Virtual Formula" which is said to feature "extremely flowing 3d-effects" is mentioned!
ger Videogames 03/95
Videogames - Germany - 1 Page
A show report from the Winter CES '95. Only 1 page but a Mario Kart-like game is mentioned.
usa Next Generation 08/95
Next Generation - USA - 1 Page
A VB review with high expectations, as you can read in the text.
ger Super Pro 02/95
Super Pro - Germany - 2 Pages
Good Report from the presentation of the Virtual Boy on Shoshinkai 1994 with some interesting photos and info and crazy game ideas like Virtual Playboy or Virtual Shopping Mall ;)
aus Nintendo Magazine 05/95
Nintendo Magazine - Australia - 2 Pages
A short VB preview with rare screenshots!
ger Play Time 03/95
Play Time - Germany - 2 Pages
Report from WCES 1995.