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Games based on movies are feared among the gamers of this world, because not seldom, developers just bet on the crowd-pulling license and throw the purest software junk onto the market, following the motto "the right name sells everything"...
But what if the movie is already anything but good, does the conversion have to be even more horrible, then? "Yes, indeed! That's no problem for us," the guys from Ocean of America must have thought; otherwise, the shockingly bad quality of "Waterworld" isn't to be explained...

But let's start from the beginning. The story is quickly told: In the not too distant future, the polar axis of the earth has shifted, turning this into a never-ending ocean. Those who have survived are now in search of dry land. The player assumes the role of the Mariner, alias Kevin Costner, and must protect the threatening-to-drown Atollers from being kidnapped by the so-called Smokers, bad guys on jet skis. Among the Atollers is Enola, a little girl who is especially valuable for the Smokers, since she has the way to dry land tattooed on her back.
Now, surely the story is - for a few dozen reasons, not least because of the thing with Enola - not much more than verbal diarrhea, but this review is not about the movie...

The game begins immediately after the title screen - options are sought in vain. Further players must, therefore, awkwardly be added with the A button in the pause screen. Theoretically, it supports up to 9 players, who alternately go hunting for points, but I hardly think that anyone would want to do this to one of his friends, not to mention eight friends, unless he's a sadist... The game itself is divided into separate rounds, and the more you progress, the more that more and harder enemies will make life difficult for you. After every round, you get points for every saved Atoller; there are additional bonus points if Enola is among those saved. So you shoot the enemies approaching you from all sides until there are no more, and that's already it in terms of gameplay! So it's no wonder that the gaming fun adjusts itself to zero and below at the speed of light...

The graphics are incredibly poor... The ocean on which you move is completely black - only the horizon, faintly indicated by a red line and a setting sun, can be seen. The enemies, seen from up close, actually look pretty good, but if several of them are close by, it gets choppy. In addition, although you have complete freedom of movement, nevertheless, the controls are pretty sluggish and imprecise, and despite the lack of background, the graphics are notchy - no trace of fluid scrolling.

Also the sound is nothing better than the graphics, presenting itself rather poorly and as hardly existent at all... There is, believe it or not, only one dark, psychedelic melody that plays throughout the whole game and that just gets on your nerves after a short time.

There, the question comes up, why does the game come on a 16 MBit cartridge? It seems that Ocean originally wanted to make more out of the title, but as can be seen, they probably didn't feel like it...

Absolutely horrible and boring game with poor techniques. Besides Virtual Lab, by far the worst game for the Virtual Boy...

Author: KR155E

3-D Effect:
Lasting Appeal:
Overall (Not an Average):
3 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 103 / 10

Second Opinion:

I think even a 20 year old LCD game has more game play than Waterworld. Who the hell programs such a bad game? Definitely a title noone really needs. If you are not a collector, do yourself a favour and keep your hands away from this.