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One of the first ever Virtual League Baseball screenshots from July '95. Here: the japanese version.


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VL Baseball
Length: 0:01:23
Info: Footage of several in-game scenes.
Download (13,818 KB, MPEG-1, 320x240 Pixels)


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Title Description Length Size
Argentina.mp3 National Anthem of Argentina 0:00:06 107 KB
Australia.mp3 National Anthem of Australia 0:00:06 107 KB
Canada.mp3 National Anthem of Canada 0:00:06 107 KB
Chile.mp3 National Anthem of Chile 0:00:03 54 KB
Cuba.mp3 National Anthem of Cuba 0:00:03 58 KB
Dominican Republic.mp3 National Anthem of the Dominican Republic 0:00:03 65 KB
France.mp3 National Anthem of France 0:00:06 107 KB
Germany.mp3 National Anthem of Germany (Well, actually not) 0:00:07 113 KB
India.mp3 National Anthem of India 0:00:03 58 KB
Italy.mp3 National Anthem of Italy 0:00:03 51 KB
Japan.mp3 National Anthem of Japan 0:00:04 77 KB
Russia.mp3 National Anthem of Russia 0:00:03 65 KB
Saudi Arabia.mp3 National Anthem of Saudi Arabia 0:00:03 58 KB
Singapore.mp3 National Anthem of Singapore 0:00:03 58 KB
Switzerland.mp3 National Anthem of Switzerland 0:00:05 83 KB
Taiwan.mp3 National Anthem of Taiwan 0:00:07 113 KB
United Kingdom.mp3 National Anthem of Great Britain 0:00:05 84 KB
United States of America.mp3 National Anthem of the USA 0:00:05 81 KB
Ingame.mp3 Ingame 0:00:22 361 KB
Menu.mp3 Menu 0:00:26 417 KB
Precaution.mp3 Precaution 0:00:42 670 KB
Ready.mp3 "Ready" Jingle 0:00:03 58 KB
Title.mp3 Title screen 0:00:52 828 KB