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txt Game Endings FAQv1.32008/09/20Brian Hodges23 KB
txt Virtual Bowling GameFAQv1.02008/12/15Brian Hodges8 KB
pdf Virtual Bowling Strike Guidev1.02011/06/06Benjamin Stevens60 KB


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The following passwords for the Tournament Mode let you start with a perfect score from the earlier rounds, which means 900, 1800 and 2700 points respectively.
TNNX.VQFJ?YB-Second Round
TPNP.VQNJ?YG-Final Round

Red Dragon Cheats:

(The following cheats can only be used with the "Red Dragon" emulator. They have to be copied to the file "cheats.db".)

CT: Debug Menu
CC: 2-0003EFA-0041