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A misunderstood hidden gem
Author: Dreammary | Date: 2014/06/27 | Rating: 7/10

Waterworld is often regarded as the worst Virtual Boy videogame in the US market. But I submit to you that it's just misunderstood as a game, if you think of it along the lines of an arcade game then it's a lot better.

Waterworld is a mashup of two classic arcade games specifically "Asteroids" and "Defender", even people who worked on the game describe it along the lines of a "Asteroids" style game set in a angled 3D style.

Many people are confused by the gameplay too, like how to know which character is "Enola." Enola flashes on the screen, and you must protect her for maximum points. I always position my ship next to her and then take out the enemy "Smokers."

This game features excellent visuals, actually being some only the best on the system as they zoom in and out cleanly and are well drawn. I especially like when the Smokers get close to your ship or when all of the "Atollers" die and suddenly you are bombarded with tons of Smokers.

It's really a decent game, people just don't respond to it well enough.