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A twist on a classic genre
Author: speedyink | Date: 2013/07/23 | Rating: 7/10

Vertical Force is pretty much your standard top view plane shooter. Well, at first glance, but actually get into the playing it and you'll find that having 2 planes to play on simultaneously is pretty cool. Unfortunately, that's about where it stops. Not to say it's a bad game, it's just not great.
The graphics in this game are not bad at all. The only thing that kinda puts me off are the 3D but dimensionally flat objects. The main one I mean is that tower thing that reaches out into the sky in level 1. It just looks odd when you fly past it and it still looks like your looking at it from the front. I know this is a first gen game but come on, a couple extra sprites and some handy work would have went a long way. Other than that small detail the graphics are pretty decent.
Controls are precise and snappy. Not much to report here. The thing that puts me off this game though, is the sound. The music, to be specific, is pretty terrible in this game, and gets to the point of me having to turn the sound off. It's a shame too, because had this game had some good music to go along with it to keep driving me forward I'd be playing it a whole lot more. Also this game gets pretty darn difficult in the later levels. It seems when you hit stage 4 or 5 the difficulty ramps way up.