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Highly stylized wire frame shooter
Author: speedyink | Date: 2013/07/22 | Rating: 10/10

Red Alarm was the first Virtual Boy game I ever played. Must of been about 13 or so years ago. It rocked, I played that game for hours, even though the VB was out of focus and I didn't know squat about the system or the adjustments it came with. Now that I've finally got my own system years later, I'm happy to see that the game is still as cool as I remembered.
Starting with a great intro with the perfect music, it puts you straight into the mood of this game. An added bonus is the various variations of the intro, very cool. Once we're pumped from the climactic intro music the actual gameplay doesn't disappoint.
There are plenty of enemies to shoot, and the difficulty level is perfect. Even though it's wire frame there are enough polygons to get immersed into the game world, and the Virtual Boy's 3D is the special ingredient that makes it stand out. Environments are detailed, there's lots of variation between the levels, and the actual level designs are top notch.
The controls are a pleasure to use, the Virtual Boys controller coming into the full use. I get the impression of a much more modern control system, reminding me of the dual analogue controls. The dual d-pad setup works great, allowing amazing control of your ship.
The sound also fits right in here. The Atmospheric music is very well done, even though some of the tracks sound kinda similar and I would have like a little more variation. The sound effects are great, perfect for the game.
All of this put together makes for a great experience, one that will keep bringing me back again and again. This game is one of those gems that stand out, and is a perfect match for the Virtual Boy.