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Surprisingly good
Author: speedyink | Date: 2013/06/29 | Rating: 9/10

This was one of the four games my VB came with, and I was expecting it to be one of the ones I got the least amount of play out of. Surprisingly, I find myself popping it back in again and again. Music wise, a couple of the tracks can get on my nerves, but there are some serious gems in this game as well. The second and third world songs are my favorites, keeping my head boppin as I line up the pieces. Speaking of gameplay, I thought this was gonna be just another match up 3 or more pieces game, but the addition of the bomb mechanic is surprisingly fun! Really gives it a good ol Bomberman feel and keeps me playing. The downside is how short this game is, and the lack of different modes. Despite this it is still a noteworthy game in the small Virtual Boy catalogue.