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It is the 22nd century...
Author: Retro_gamer9001 | Date: 2009/09/06 | Rating: 9/10

Telero-boxer! A first person fighting game exclusive to the virtual boy! It also happens to be the only first person fighting game for the virtual boy which is a shame really as it makes fantastic use of the virtual boys arguably amazing 3D technology. You'll have to identify your opponents weakness whilst ducking and dodging your opponents attacks, you'll actually believe the fists are coming at you!
Telero-boxer is also the only game for the virtual boy to my knowledge that makes considerable use of both the controllers D-pads, a combination of the trigger buttons and the D-pads enables a somewhat real fighting experience that will have you captivated.
So the fighting mechanics for this game couldn't be more suitable and it really is a game that can only be played on the virtual boy, i don't believe you can replicate the experience on an emulator. It's just a shame then that there is only 7 opponents, and a secret 8th exceptionally difficult opponent if you can defeat the previous 7 without being defeated a single time. What is nice however is you have 3 save files which prevents you having to start the game from the begining if inevitably the batteries die.
In conclusion telero-boxer is a game that offers a unique gameplay experience replicated on no other system and offers hours of enjoyment and is a must have for any virtual boy owner! I give telero-boxer a total of 8/10

Feel free to comment on my review, perhapes you think it's spot on or perhapes you completely disagree! I'd love to hear your opinions.