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Panic Bomber Review
Author: Garrison | Date: 2009/04/21 | Rating: 7/10

The story for the game is that Bomberman sets off to get the Golden Statue of Bomberman. A legend says if you gather the three celestial medals of power, you will open the gates and gain access to the statue. The Game offers 4 levels of difficulty, a password feature to pick up where you left off, a quick 1 minute in-game tutorial (if your copy doesn't come with instructions), and an options screen where you can adjust the brightness, boss battle settings, and whether or not the the background moves. One thing you didn't expect though: you're playing a Tetris-like game, not a Bomberman-like one. The rules are simple, line up 3 or more of he same symbol and poof! They're gone. Chain reactions give you more bombs to work with. Explode the bombs to move them over to your opponent's screen. If you get enough matches, you get upgrades or a giant Decker bomb to explode on your field. Everything you blow up will be thrown over to your opponent's side. The first player to get their pile to the top loses. In boss battles, temporary power-ups and power-downs are available to use. The game is a good puzzle game. The Difficulty levels range from too easy to crazy hard. The graphics are nice, although it sometimes is hard to see what symbols are which in a matter of seconds. The game addresses this problem by giving you clearly different shapes, but that seems as if it would take away from the fun. The characters are drawn in a good, cartoon-ish style. The music are real Bomberman classics. The sound effects are good, mainly bomb blasts and beeps to let you know you rotated a piece. The 3-D is average, the backgrounds move nicely, and the Decker bomb blasts are superbly done. But aside from that, it could have been pulled off on any other platform. If you're a don't mind puzzle games, you'll enjoy this one. It has simple controls too, so you won't suddenly forget how to move a Decker bomb in a fierce boss battle. But beware! On tougher levels, you'll find out why it was called Panic Bomber. To sum it all up: Panic Bomber is a puzzle game with a couple flaws, mainly that the Virtual Boy's color is limited only to red and black, which makes it a little tough to quickly distinguish the pieces from one another, unless you choose to use shapes, and that the game is a little on the short side. But it is still a game you'll have a blast with!

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are very nicely done. The animations the blocks do while they are waiting are kind of funny. But the blocks also look a little too simple, but they need to, or you'll get confused.

Sound: 8/10
The music is outstanding! Most of them are Bomberman tunes remixed. The sound effects are pretty nice too, the explosions are convincing.

3-D Effect: 6/10
It does a nice job at the 3-D, but the game would be almost as fun without it. The characters (Especially the bosses) seem to pop out in a cool way. The backgrounds are good too.

Gameplay: 7/10
The controls are nice, but sometimes, if you're moving fast, it will miss where you want it to go. The game is fun to play. The difficulty level has a nice range, but hard really is hard, you have to move so fast it seems as if it's really a action game, not a puzzle one. This is kind of aggravating if you want to play a relaxing puzzle game. You only have just enough time to rush.

Length: 6/10
Around the 4th time you go through the game, it all seems familiar. Each run through varies from 20 min to a couple hours, varying by difficulty and skill of the player. That's around 4 hours. Even after that, you'll still have fun with it, with all the secret features.

Overall: 7/10
Panic Bomber is a fun game that you should get if you can. It does a good job at mixing two nearly opposite genres, Action and Puzzle. The game would have been much better if it was in color, though.