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A OK game
Author: akumie | Date: 2008/11/16 | Rating: 8/10

Gameplay - 9/10
It`s a turn based fighting game where you can move troops and spaceships
Once you attack the enemy (one of his troops or spaceships) you first get about 10 sec to fire at him before you and the enemy start to fight 1 vs 1 for about 1 min
When you fight u get a sword, a pistol like lazer gun and a machine gun
You can even jump in and out of the screen while you fight

Story - 1/10
I don`t read japanese so I can`t understand the story, but if the story has anything to do with the anime then I would give it s higher score

Graphics - 7/10
it has some nice 3D graphics like when you can jump in and out of the screen in combat or when u see the enemy far away and get about 10 sec to fire at him before the fight starts, but there is nothing that jumps in your face

Sound - 8/10
The sound is ok, but nothing to special

Replay Value - 8/10
Depends if you like it, but I find the game a bit slow when you for example move your units

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid? - borrow

Overall Score - 8/10
For being one of the 4 rare vb games it`s not the top 5 vb games around, but I will give the game a high score for atleast being unique in it`s own sense