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Out of This World
Author: VirtualChris | Date: 2008/04/28 | Rating: 8/10

When I first got my Virtual Boy, Galactic Pinball was one of the five games that came with it. It was also the one I play the most out of the 5. Galactic Pinball has great graphics, even though the only color is red. The tables are amazing and nice, and play control is solid. Samus even makes a guest appearance in a minigame on a table, so it's not Metroid Prime Pinball that she first appeared in pinball form. The tables are well thought-out and well designed. If only Virtual Boy had caught on big would more people know the goodness that is Galactic Pinball. Quite possibly the best video game pinball game I have ever played (and I've played quite a few on various systems.) The only other truly great pinball game that even matches the quality of this is Midnight Magic for the Atari 2600. I especially like the fact that the game uses both directional pads for flipper movement. So, kudos to the game designers and programmers for this wonderful game.