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Very addicting!
Author: VBabe86 | Date: 2007/09/15 | Rating: 8/10

Galactic Pinball might have a seemingly simple mode of play (just get the ball around the 'board'), but even with just five levels, there are so many easter eggs and hidden options in each level that the replay value is up in space (please pardon the pun). It would take up way too much space to list just about every hidden feature that each board has (I can bet on an average of about 6 per board), plus it would spoil some of the secret options.

One thing is for sure; once you think you've found everything, something new will come up. I would have to say the only downside comes in the fact that after only about a few tries, I had already topped the high score chart, and that the controls are almost laughably simple; most of the time is spent just pressing right and left on the two d-pads, and occasionally hitting A to release another puck. (You find yourself mashing said button in the Colony level, however, should you find yourself having to aim at and destroy comets bombarding the board). It's interesting little "surprise features" such as those that sort of give you a break from the repetitive bouncing-the-puck-around every once in a while. I'll also quickly note that the music is very cool, but it might get on the nerves after a long while, especially since it can get sort of hyper and even borderline frantic at times.

I also was immediately impressed with GP's graphics and use of the VB's "3-D" capabilities right from the start. Backgrounds full of stars zoom by behind both the menus and playing fields, and in some of the bonus levels, items zoom into the screen as if they're coming from behind you (something that surprised me initially in the bonus level with the puck and stars)! Even the planets on the title screen look like almost perfect spheres floating in mid-air.

I would greatly recommend this game to anyone who is looking into re-buying the VB and some initial games to go with. It makes great use of the VB's 3-D capabilities and will keep you entertained for a very long time. The replay value of this game is its' greatest achievement; there are literally about fifty different secrets altogether in all the levels combined, most of which are tricky to unlock. My only complaint would be the repetitive controls, but even those are understandable, as is in a real pinball game, you just have to move the flippers to keep the ball/puck moving about, so that's realistic as well considering there's only two or so buttons to push on a real one.

I give Galactic Pinball **** out of *****. Definitely recommended.