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Overall, this is one of the must have games for the Virtual Boy.
Author: Rhindle The Red | Date: ? | Rating: 10/10

It's Mario! That's right, kiddies, Mario is back and it isn't any epic adventure, this time. It's Mario back in his old element, the arcade style platform game. Mario Clash takes a cue from Mario Bros., and owes more than a little of its gameplay to that classic title. Mario has found a building that is being overrun by Koopas. The screen represents the inside of the building and there are platforms on both the near and far side of the building (as the player faces it.) By jumping on the Koopas, Mario can turn them into weapons he can throw at other villains either in front of him (left or right), or across the way (forward and back.) The higher Mario gets, the more and varied villains he faces.

Graphics 5 out of 5

As with all Mario games, Nintendo takes no chances. The graphics are crisp, and clean. They are easy to see and it is almost impossible to get lost, despite the fact that everything is red on the VB. Mario has not seemed this spry since Mario Bros. Most of the villains are recognizable from other Mario games, and their animations are in line with previous appearances. The 3-D effect is well handled, and one never feels this game would work quite this well in a 2-D environment.

Music and Sound 5 out of 5

The music in this game is cool. It evokes the proper mood for an arcade-style game, keeping the action going, but not distracting one. The cut scene music is appropriately nifty, introducing the characters that will appear in that level. The sound effects are
first rate. Each action has a sound that can be clearly identified even if your attention is elsewhere. This is important to be able to follow gameplay, so it's good it has been handled so well.

Game Challenge 4 out of 5

If you have played Mario Bros., you should have no problem following this one, although the controls are different. As one move upwards through the building, the game does get harder, but this is mostly from an increased number of villains. If one gets into a groove while playing this game, you can cruise for a while on adrenaline alone.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

Fun? Are you kidding? In this day and age, when every game is trying to outdo the other with complexity, a game like this is a god-send. The simplistic nature of Mario Clash does not mean it isn't massive amounts of fun to play.

Replayability 5 out of 5

Mario Clash plays to the greatest point of old arcade games, the desire to play again and again. On a console game, this is rarely a consideration, as there is no profit for plunking quarter after quarter. But this type of focus makes Mario Clash a perennial favorite of mine. If it had come out in the arcades in the 1980's who knows how much I would have lost to it.

Overall 24 out of 25

Overall, this is one of the must have games for the Virtual Boy. Mario Clash brings the greatest aspects of old-style gaming together with a cool system like the VB and pulls it off beautifully. This is a game that shows what games were supposed to be for: dexterity, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision control, and (oh yeah) FUN!