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Overall, this is a good game
Author: Rhindle The Red | Date: ? | Rating: 8/10

Every Halloween the Jack Bros. (Frost, Lantern, & Skelton) leave their magic land and walk amongst the humans. This year they took too long, and only have a hour to get back or they disappear for ever. You take the part of one of the Jack Bros. and, guided by a helpful pixie, try to make your way back to fairy land. The way is a series of mazes, in which you must find keys and fight monsters, trying to make your way to the exit.

Graphics score 4 out of 5

Jack Bros. is well designed visually, and it is easy to see one's way around the screen. What it lacks is anything that really uses the 3-D abilities of the Virtual Boy. While each character and item in the mazes are rendered in 3-D, there is nothing about them that couldn't be done on a regular screen. Each characters animation is simple, but effective
allowing each to have its own personality. The cut scenes are also nicely rendered, with humorous animation.

Music and Sound 4 out of 5

The sound effects in this game are minimal, usually a boom or a pow. They are usually overwhelmed by the music, which (although repetitive) is engaging, helping to keep you moving. The lack of any real punch to the effects is not particularly bothersome, because the visual cues are strong enough to reduce sound to window dressing.

Game Challenge 4 out of 5

Game play is simple to comprehend, but requires fast reflexes to pull is all off. If you understand the first three screens, you've got the gist of the game, and it just gets faster and more involved (different characters, etc.) from there. It takes a while to get through everything, but with codes to skip to the parts you haven't finished, it is an attainable goal.

Game Play-Fun 3 out of 5

This game is fun to play, not thrilling. There's nothing about it to make one run to tell a friend about it. Yet it still is immensely engaging, and can get you going.


A major frustration is how certain boss monsters can be off screen when you are trying to attack them. Perhaps the ability to zoom back would have helped.

Replayability 4 out of 5

Until one has finished it, this game can be all-consuming. The apparent simplicity lends itself to one feeling one could finish it, if only one spent enough time at it. After a few months without playing, one can easily forget how engrossing it is, and get sucked in all over again.

Overall 19 out of 25

Overall, this is a good game. Often, when a game is difficult to get, a false sense of quality rises around it. This could have been the case with Jack Bros., but it is authentically worth the effort of finding and playing.