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A game that takes advantage of all of the Virtual Boy's special capabilities.
Author: Aaron J. Bossig | Date: ? | Rating: 9/10

According to the game, a "Teleroboxer" is a person who controls a robot fighter via virtual reality. In the future, Teleroboxing tournaments are very popular. Robots from all over the world fight each other, while their owners never have to leave their homes. As a game, Teleroboxer is great. It is often compared to the Street Fighter II genre, but it is actually closer to Punch-Out!!, because you play from the first-person perspective and cannot choose to be a different boxer (what many consider to be the game's biggest flaw).

Theme 9 out of 10

Teleroboxer takes what could be a standard fighting game and actually gives it an interesting twist. Instead of controlling a fighter, you are controlling a robot who obeys your commands. The person controlling the robot could be anybody, even you. This allows the player to become absorbed into the game more easily. The opponent robots are a blast! Each one has a unique fighting style, so the game never gets repetitive.

Difficulty 9 out of 10

This game gets a "10" in difficulty not because it is impossible, but because it's difficulty level is PERFECTLY balanced. The fights are difficult, but with practice you will improve. This is the most important part of any game design. It's simple to make a game too hard or too easy, but Teleroboxer has that perfect balance to it.

Play Control 9 out of 10

It's a shame Virtual Boy didn't succeed, it would have been THE system for fighting games. With each control pad controlling one fist, you have a fun, efficient, and easy-to-learn play control. This game demonstrates the versatility of the Virtual Boy controller more than any other game I have played.

Graphics/sound 8 out of 10

Teleroboxer's graphics are excellent. I tell you that because it's easy to get so involved in the game you don't notice. It's fun to watch your fists move across the screen in full 3-D. Each robot has a unique look to it, showing it's strengths (and weaknesses). It pays to watch your opponents before attacking in this game. The music in Teleroboxer is no sympathy, but it is nice to listen to. The bit played before the title screen sticks in my mind.

Overall 9 out of 10

If you own a Virtual Boy, Teleroboxer belongs in your collection. This is a game that takes advantage of all of the Virtual Boy's special capabilities. As I said before, this game is Punch-Out!! for Virtual Boy, right down to the goofy opponents- but this time the star of the game isn't Little Mac, it's YOU! It's probably more addicting than V-Tetris. Once you're defeated, you can't wait to challenge your opponent again. And in some cases, again, and again, and again...

by Aaron J. Bossig (