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The weirdest of the weirdest of all Virtual Boy games.
Author: B. Tabassi | Date: 2000/07/29 | Rating: 6/10

Let me start out by saying:
This game is the weirdest of the weirdest of all Virtual Boy games.
Rushed out, spelling errors, very, very small game play, annoying sound....
Wouldn't be surprised if it was made in someone's basement!
The paint job is horrible! The people on the front have nothing at all to do with any of the game... This bizarre lady dances in the middle of the game, a fairy comes out when you get a big pipe... This thing doesn't make sense!
Did I mention on the back of the box Nintendo is spelled Nintenndo, alright, so the computer messed up in the printing, it could happen to anyone, even in Mozart's music, but on the cart it says Ninntenndo!

When you start on the game, it gives you the precaution warnings, and jumps onto the main screen! Then you can choose your difficulty level "low" ,"mid", or "hi"... Ok they can't even spell "high" right! Better yet, the modes have absolutely no difference from each other!i Pick "hi" and it is "low", same when I pick "mid" it is "hi"! Then an annnnnoooooyyyyyyiiiinnnnngggggg little screen comes up... It seperates it, and man does it go down slowly, now the game has begun...
A little worm starts dancing down your screen at the speed of one millemeter per hour. Now your supposed to make this worm suck on something! Either a wall, floor, or it is supposed to suck on another worm... Like you see on the back cover! When there are no openings to a worm pipe thingy, it disappears! Yepeeeee! Better yet, when you get 10+ worms to suck on each other, this bizarre lady starts dancing, and the screen turns so red it hurts your eyes, and this weird fairy that is supposedly flapping her wings flaps them so hard that you can't see her! she takes away all the worms on your first row, and she flies away to fairy land, so she can meet you again.
Now, you have closed off all worms, and there are absolutely no worms left in your little "worm jar"... You go on to the next level! It plays this weird little music says level up, then 5-10 seconds later says "take a rest" along with some japanese writing. Next level...
I forgot to mention, when you start a level there are a few blocks on the playfield/worm jar... As the levels get higher there are about 2-3 more blocks on there, but that is the only difference with the level getting higher...
OK you didn't close off some worms, and now you put a worm on top of them, uh oh!
Now you will have to use the trick to build up a worm pipe at least 10 worms long, yeah right! Just lose! It will say game over on the screen. And will take 30 seconds for the game to get back to the main menu, you just play again, and voiillla! You are back at the same level that said game over!
But what if you get tired and you turn your Virtual Boy off... You think, I have got no worries, I have my little password that I can use whenever I want! Wrong! There is no way to put in your passwords. Also your passwords change every time you play the game... For example the password for level two could be 0000092, and the second time 0000172... it all depends on your score. Aparantely the game takes your password, adds a number of your score, and comes up with a rediculous password.
Also, for a little trick... put the game on pause and press the A button, you'll see a glitch. You can see the level overview! If you don't wanna cheat the other way, do this!

The game is lousy, poorly done, and is a piece of crap, j/k about the last part! On the other hand it is the coolest game for the Virtual Boy! The first few weeks you have it you'd think, how could people think this thing is bad in any way... This is the coolest game ever. Then after a while you'll put it away, and just play with it once a week or so... I have to admit it is addictive! But for you collectors, this is something for you in this VB world!

Prices: (Note: may vary at different times)
US, $475 average selling price.
$470 average us ebay price.
If you can find this thing for under $430 US, you made an incredibly good deal! So not pay over $575 US, then you would make an incredibly bad deal!
Everybody has their opinion... What would you pay for it?

Rating: 6 / 10