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An average game.
Author: B. Hodges | Date: 2002/12/07 | Rating: 6/10


Nester's Funky Bowling was released for the Virtual Boy in February of 1996, at the end of the Virtual Boy's very short life.

Gameplay - 6/10

There are three modes of play: single game, practice, or challenge. Every mode can be played with one or two players. In single game, you play one game of bowling. In practice, you can set up the pins in any configuration and then try to hit them. In challenge, the computer sets up the pins in random positions and you try to knock them all down. The controls are great. It is very easy to throw the ball as hard and with as much spin as you want.
They are very intuitive and you will pick them up right away.

The two player mode works by two people sharing the same Virtual Boy. This is awkward because the VB must be readjusted at the beginning of each players turn. There are no computer controlled opponents either. A tournament mode would have been great. The game doesn't save your high scores, which is strange, because without opponents, the point of the game is to beat your old high score.

Story - N/A

This is a bowling game, so it has no real plot. Nester and his twin sister Hester are trying to see which of them is the better bowler.

Graphics - 7/10

The graphics are good for the most part. The Nester and Hester move with a very fluid motion. More work could have been put into the alley. After each roll, an animation is shown. These are kind of nice, but there aren't enough of them and they soon get stale.

Sound - 7/10

The sound effects are really good. The sound of the ball rolling and hitting the pin is very realistic. There is also some digitized voice when you make a spare, strike, double, or turkey. There are three background songs to chose from. I don't really care for any of them, but fortunately you can choose to play without any music.

Playing Time/Replay Value - 5/10

It takes less than five minutes to play a game. I am not really a fan of bowling, which may be why I usually get bored with this game after playing for a short time. I do keep playing it to try for a perfect 300.

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid? - Borrow

Copies of this game are hard to find and expensive. If you hate bowling you should probably avoid this game. If you do like bowling, you should try to borrow a copy of this game.

Overall Score - 6/10

This is an average game, it doesn't have any really good or bad points. It does kind of grow on you, and I find the more I play it, the more I like it. With the addition of computer controlled opponents and a tournament mode, this could have been a pretty good game.