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Nintendo usually makes better quality system launch titles...
Author: Saikyo Ki | Date: 2001/07/20 | Rating: 5/10

Tennis fans will obviously love this, but for the most part, this game only exists to demonstrate how the VB hardware generates 3D. If they wanted to do that, they could have made a demo cartridge that loops automatically, like they did for the Game Boy Color, which demonstrates what it can do just fine and doesn't force people to shell out money just to see what the system can do. Unless you like tennis, steer clear from this game.

Story: N/A
It's tennis...scroll down...NOW.

Gameplay: 6
You get to pick amongst Mario characters and play tennis. Sound simple? It is. Is it fun? I guess. You can play singles, doubles, whatever you want. Each character has different stats, like running speed, strength, etc. This gives the game much needed extra playing depth.

Graphics: 8
Look! It has 3D! Yes Nintendo, we know that the Virtual Boy is a 3D glasses type video game system. The graphics are decent in this game, but the best thing about the game is the 3D effect. Nintendo, of all companies, should remember that graphics alone doesn't make a game fun, let alone sell well. Then again, it seems that Nintendo is forgetting how to be a good gaming company more and more these days...

Sound/Music: 3
GB quality sound. Yay? The sound effects are okay I guess. After all, you don't need CD quality digital sound clips to audibly depict one object hitting another. The music, however, is complete and utter crap. The least Nintendo could have done was have the music get the player into a tennis mood; it doesn't even do that. I can hear higher quality music by playing an NES or GB/GBC game.

Control: 10
There's nothing hard about the controls at all. It's TENNIS, for goodness sakes!

Replay Value: 4
If you like Tennis, then you'll wanna play it again. If you don't, probably not, unless you wanna master each character and beat the game with them all.

Bottom Line?
Well, it's tennis, VB style. If you have a VB and you like tennis, chances are you probably have this game already. If not, try it out if possible before you make a purchase. This game will most likely lose its appeal very quickly unless you're a huge tennis fan, which is why I give it a 5.

Rating: 5 / 10