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An excellent game to play.
Author: The Jedi | Date: 2004/03/28 | Rating: 9/10

The story
Human civilization just discovered a new planet in a galaxy far, far away. This planet is populated by small and little creatures named "blobs". Their characteristic is to be very clever and to love puzzle games (like us). In fact, they all look like Pacman : round and planted on legs. Their color ? I don't know except the red and black ... bad joke ;o)

Game basics
Blox is a homebrew which reuse a concept designed during the years 1980'.
The game is played in an above sight and the action take place in a delimited area. In this area stand a number of blocs ... and the same number of receptacles. You got it ? The goal of each level is to succeed in moving all the blocs in the receptacles. To do that, you can move and PUSH, only push (not pull) the blocs; one at the same time. As you can guess, if a bloc goes in a corner (2 walls at least), you can't do anything more whith so ... try again.
In fact the difficulty comes from the level design and the few movements you can manage with. Levels are designed in order you may think for each movement you do "am I not doing a mistake ??". Moving a bloc can trap yourself or avoiding to move another one ... so you can't stack them on a receptacle.

Organisation and difficulty
Blox show off 3 levels of competition which corresponds to 3 levels of difficulty (it is the good word) : easy, intermediate and difficult. The first level counts 10 stages, the second 20 and the third ... 30.
In a brief words, moreover the progressive difficulty of the game, the more we progress in difficulty, the more the stages will be difficult and numerous.
If you think you are stuck in a level, no problem : a simple push on the START button (ahem yes a Virtual Boy has a Start button, are you surprised ?) and will have to choose between restarting the level or leaving the game (in case you are exceeded).
In the case you finish correctly the level, i.e. all blocs cover all receptacles, you will be granted by a code. Next time you will turn on your Virtual Boy (or emulator), you may choose to enter the code to start where you were before or, else, starting the whole game again.

Without any originality (remember it is a remake of an old game), Blox is however a quality game, especially for the Virtual Boy and for an homebrew. Everything was polished, there is also a story.
Graphics exploit the colour pallete of the game console (yep I know it's red and black). Character got good animations, funny and sympatical. In game, your "heroe" is like a smiley and according to his eyes, you will easily see the direction of his movements. After a moment of inactivity, your blob is going to take a nap !
At least, the gameplay is excellent : there is no way to be demanding with only up/down/left/right directions.
Admittedly it could seems stupid to carry out your Virtual Boy or your favourite VB emulator (Red Dragon of course) to play such a game, especially when it already exists on other platforms. But anyway, it is still an excellent game to play, advisable for all, younger or older.

Rating: 9/10