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One of the best games available for the Virtual Boy.
Author: B. Hodges | Date: 2002/12/07 | Rating: 9/10


Jack Bros. was released for the Nintendo Virtual Boy in October 1995, which is a great release date for a game about monsters on Halloween. It is one of the best games and one of the few third party titles available for the Virtual Boy.

Gameplay - 9/10

Your goal is to make it through each of the six stages before the timer reaches zero. Each stage consists of many floors. In order to clear a floor, you must collect all of the keys in order to unlock the door. After the door is unlocked, you can jump down to the next floor. On the bottom floor of each stage is a boss. If you are hit by an enemy, you will lose additional time. When the timer reaches zero, your game is over. You have unlimited continues, but you must begin at the top floor of the
current stage. Pixie will show up on occasion and give you helpful hints. After you beat each stage, you will receive a password.

This game will definitely remind you of the original Legend of Zelda. The game has the same overhead view and is similar to the dungeons of LOZ. The game seems a bit short and you will most likely beat it in a few hours. The last stage can be frustrating because it is so long and you have to restart at the beginning if you die.

Story - 8/10

You play as one of the Jack Bros. who were out partying on Halloween, the one night of the year they can leave the World of the Fairies. The problem is that you have stayed out too late, and you must reach the portal home before midnight or be banished forever. Fortunately for you, Pixie the Fairy arrives to show you a shortcut that is dangerous, but is the only way to make it back in time.

The story is told through two sets of cutscenes, one when you first start and one when you beat the game. Unlike most games, some thought was actually put into the ending and it is a satisfying reward for your efforts. Pixie will also appear at times during gameplay and give you some background info on the enemies.

Graphics - 9/10

The main reason I gave the Graphics a 9 is the fact that the cutscenes are amazing, they really show off the capabilities of the Virtual Boy. The in game graphics are good, but the characters look a little too cartoony. It would have been better if they looked more like they do on the box cover art.

Sound - 8/10

The music is great and really sets the mood. Each stage has its own song and they are kind of catchy. The boss music is fast-paced and urgent.

Playing Time/Replay Value - 9/10

It will only take you a few hours to beat this game. It is fun throughout and the ending cutscenes make the journey worthwhile.

You will definitely want to play this game over several times. There are three main characters to choose from, each with different abilities and their own ending. There is also a hidden playable character and difficulty level.

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid? - Buy

This game is a must own for anyone with a Virtual Boy. It is hard to find and can be expensive, but if you can find a copy for under $30, I would definitely recommend buying it.

Overall Score - 9/10

This is an awesome game. It is very fun and the cutscenes have some of the best graphics of any game for the Virtual Boy. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 is the fact that it is a tad too short and the last stage can be frustrating. These are minor concerns in what is an excellent game.