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One of the best games available for the Virtual Boy.
Author: B. Hodges | Date: 2002/12/08 | Rating: 9/10


Galactic Pinball was released for the Virtual Boy in August of 1995. It was produced by the creator of the Virtual Boy, the late Gunpei Yokoi.

Gameplay - 9/10

This game is great. The controls are excellent and work just like you expect them to. You can choose between four different tables, each with their own tasks and mini-games. There is even a Metroid mini-game where you guide Samus' ship in a Galaga style battle. There are specific tasks on each table that give you major points for completing. Each table is interesting and unlike most pinball video games, they all fit on one screen.

Story - N/A

As a pinball game, there is no real plot. Every table has its own background story that helps set the mood, but they really don't effect gameplay.

Graphics - 7/10

The graphics are decent. Each table is nicely done, but they look a little fuzzy to me, even when the Virtual Boy is in focus. The title screen looks awesome, it uses 3D really well. The tables themselves don't really use that much 3D.

Sound - 10/10

This game has the best sound of all the Virtual Boy games I've played. Each table has its own song and they are all good. The sound effects are great, they sound just like a real pinball table. The effects are also in 3D, try playing with headphones for the full effect. The real star though, is the digitized voice. There is a LOT of digitized voice in this game, I can't remember ever playing a cartridge game that included this much. ''Welcome to Space World, Let's Go!'' ranks right up there with ''Prepare to Qualify'' from Pole Position as a classic opening digital voice phrase.

Playing Time/Replay Value - 9/10

Finally, a Virtual Boy game that saves high scores. You will spend a lot of time playing and replaying this game trying to beat your old scores. Having four different tables adds a lot of variety and keeps the game fresh for a long time. You will definitely play this one over and over again.

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid? - Buy

Definitely buy this one. This is one of the best games available for system and is a must-own for anyone with a Virtual Boy.

Overall Score - 9/10

Gunpei Yokoi really knew how to make quality games and this is just another great example of his genius. You will really enjoy playing this one.