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Baseball is a game greatly suited to head-to-head action on the TV screen and computer. Due to it's methodical, stop-and-start nature, the focus on strategizing and stringing together a run results in the video game player's thought process closely resembling that of a major league manager, battery or hitter.

For now, the game that best captures that competition is Sega's World Series Baseball for the Saturn. The gameplay is loads of fun, with great camera angles and good sound. Most importantly, when playing against an opponent, the pitch-to-pitch excitement really gets you caught up in the action.

This integration into the game is what makes WSB for the Saturn a better game than the more detached WSB 95 (Genesis) and Kemco's Virtual League Baseball for Virtual Boy, both of which are fun games in their own right.

Kemco's VLB suffers a little for its lack of team and player licences, but that's not the issue here. On the plus side is a fairly nice-looking 3-D effect with the ball exploding towards the batter. The crowd in the foreground behind home plate (on the sides) also recreates well on the Virtual Boy.

Unfortunately, control is a little static and unfluid, with the distance and size of the players compounding the problem. More close-ups and sweeping field-level views are needed to put the game player in the middle of the action.