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Bomberman is one of the most beloved characters in all of video games. Blowing up friends in a massive all-out 4-player bomb fest is a feeling that must be experienced to be described. Strangely, Bomberman's Virtual Boy excursion is a standard puzzle game. Granted, it's a good puzzle game, but it's not what many people expect when they see Bomberman on the cover.

The basic idea of the game is to line up 3 of the same shapes (chosen by players in the options) and make them disappear. Bombs also occasionally drop from the screen when your opponent has cleared out some real estate and these can be blown up by the live bombs that will fall from the top. These live bombs must be placed strategically in order set all the bombs on the screen off. Doing so can cause massive chain reactions and send more trouble over to your opponent. This process is repeated until someone runs out of room.

While it's by no means the most original game ever released, the idea of the bombs makes for a somewhat intriguing style of play. Numerous power-ups also keep things interesting and range from reversing your opponents controls to stopping your game to catch your breath. A password save is available if your eyes need a break and are short, easy enough to remember without writing them down. Some people wont need these however as the game is relatively short and can be beaten in a matter of a few hours.

Recognizable and famous characters from the Bomberman series make appearances as opponents and shapes that fall from the top. The Virtual Boys 3-D effect isn't used very well and is saved mostly for the backgrounds. There isn't a lot of time to take in the sites due to the frantic pace of the game, so this effect is pretty much lost. The music will also be recognizable to veterans of the Bomberman games, recycling many familiar themes throughout.

While it's not a bad game, most gamers would have most likely preferred a traditional Bomberman game. As it stands, this and 3-D Tetris are a puzzle fans only choices on the console. For these people, this is definitely the better of the two games. People looking for a game to show off their bright red console will be better off elsewhere with something more original.

Review by Matt Paprocki