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Was there anyone more annoying in Nintendo Power history than Nester? Those poorly drawn and written comics are better off forgotten, but he was obviously popular with some people to get his own game (That or it's just one big advertisement for Nintendo Power). Strangely, not only is a great game, it's one of the better bowling games out there.

The games biggest offense is the lack of game modes. You can bowl a single game, practice, or tackle some difficult shots in the challenge mode. Some type of tournament mode would've made a world of difference and given players a reason to comeback.

As it stands, it's still a great way to kill and hour. Picking from either Nester or his twin sister Hester (Hester??? Who the hell names their kid Hester???), gamers can then select the weight of their ball (no jokes, really, we've all heard it before), and then hit the lanes. The easy pick-up-and-play style make this a great game for the family. Move your bowler to the proper area of the lane, select your spin, then adjust your power, and the ball flies down the lane.

The physics are by no means accurate. Actually, their way off, but this makes for a more simplified style of gameplay. The 3-D effect of the lane is flawless and it really looks like it's 90 feet to the pins. Once the ball hits the pins, it sounds like the effects have been taken right from a bowling alley. Be sure to turn off the grating music however.

This is a title you'll find yourself coming back to on a regular basis. It's fun, easy to play, and 9 frames can be completed in about 15 minutes. It's quite addictive to try and top your score, but I would kill for some type of tournament mode. This is one of the better games for the US Virtual Boy and owners of this Nintendo oddity owe it to themselves to have this in their collection.

Review by Matt Paprocki