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Pack-in titles are generally 2 things: Overproduced and high quality. Mario Tennis keeps with both of these traditions. With only a few notable flaws, Mario Tennis succeeds on numerous levels and does it's job as the pack-in game of the Virtual Boy.

From the start, players are offered the option of playing in singles or doubles matches. From there, gamers can select from either an exhibition match or a tournament. No additional modes are available making this a rather short engagement, but the addictiveness of the gameplay should keep most people hooked. The usual roster of Nintendo's characters are available to step onto the court from Mario to the Koopa Troopa. Each player has specific skills that can make them more effective once on the court.

When all the players have been selected, the game begins. The solid and easy to pick up controls help ease players into the game. Every character is instantly recognizable, but the look is hampered by the limited animation. The 3-D effect makes the court really come alive and camera is constantly moving to keep up with the players character. Hitting the ball is only a matter of pressing a button, though there are only 2 different shots to choose from. The upbeat music keeps with the style of the game, perfectly implanting players into the Mushroom Kingdom.

While most players would've preferred a classic Mario adventure as opposed to this, you can't really argue that this game isn't worthy of it's title. The pick-up-and-play style lets anyone immediately step up to the challenge, regardless of their skill level. While a little more work could've been spent creating some new game modes, this game can still help people kill a few hours if they need to.

Review by Matt Paprocki