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Red Alarm is a fairly decent game, even with its wireframe graphics. The
reason the team at T & E Soft made it wireframe was to inhance the 3D effect, which is done nicely. You are the pilot of a loaded spaceship and have untill your fuel runs out to finnish each level and fight the boss at the end. All 6 buttons and both D+Pads on the VB controller are used frequently with the exception of Select & Start. Usually, you can get throught each level
with ease, but some of the bosses are quite hard and it may take you a few times to get past them. One thing this game could use is a save feature. It takes some time to get through each level and then fight the boss at the end, so a password save would be just the thing for this game.
The game records each time you go through a level and at the end of the level or when you loose a life you can see all the moves you made and change to many various views. You can also hit the Select button during gameplay and it will change the view of your ship. Some power-ups you can get in the game are boosters which can make you go faster, homing devices which can give you more firepower to shoot at targets, bonus stars that give about 3000 bonus points, and shields that can boost your shield power that is weakened by being hit.
The controls are excellent and are easy to use and with the game on Hard Mode it can be very challenging to beat. If you have a VB then I reccomend you try it. - Jess