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Nester's Funky Bowling

The game stars "Nester": a red haired, cocky, and sarcastic young man from an old Nintendo Power comic strip. Co-starring with the forgotten zero is "Hester," his sister; she never showed up in the comics. Howard, Nester's older and more mature friend from the strip, is nowhere to be seen in this game.

Overall, Funky Bowling is worthy of purchase for the oddity alone. Yet, is this unusual game a diamond in the rough; or just coal painted gold by nostalgia?


The game has a decent sense of depth when you are actually bowling. After every throw, you are treated to an animated sequence showing how well-- or badly-- you did. The animated sequences are amusing, but they are too few of them. You'll be treated to Hester-- or Nester-- giving you a dirty look far too often, until you figure out the sweet spot on the lane. Then you will have the chance to get sick of the Spare & Strike animations.

The game makes fair use of the Virtual Boy's 3-D visuals. The lanes look pre-rendered, while Nester and Hester are traditional sprites. They look unspectacular, but good enough.


The sounds in the game are simple enough. You hear a rather clear voice tell you when you make a Spare, Strike, Split, or Miss. The pins sound like they should when they fall and the ball sounds like it should when it rolls. The music, however, borders on annoying. It is possible to ignore any of the three tunes you're allowed to play to, but I suggest turning the music off.


Nester's Funky Bowling is rather simplistic. You pick your character's name, gender, dominant hand, and the weight of the ball. The physics are fairly accurate in this game.

In order to bowl, you first position your bowler correctly. Then you line up an arrow on a directional bar. Lastly you hit the A button when your power bar is at a certain level to throw the ball. To simplify, you hit the A button a lot. It's repetitive and simple. However, it is also rather fun.

There are three modes of play. Those modes are: "Bowl," "Practice," and "Challenge." Bowl is where you bowl for a high score, Practice lets you practice hitting various pin configurations, and Challenge lets you play against the computer or another human player in "Alternating Mode."

Overall, the gameplay has an arcade style feel to it; and is fun in small spurts. You will most likely NOT sit for hours playing this game.


The Two-Player Mode is rather awkward, as each person needs to re-adjust the Virtual Boy to see correctly-- more of a hassle than it's worth.


If you happen to own a Virtual Boy, and you just happen to see this game... pick it up. Nester's Funky Bowling is more mindless fun than funky. It's worth playing if you have a Virtual Boy. Yet if you do not have a Virtual Boy, this game will not convince you to hunt one down.

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