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Mario's Tennis

This game came packed in with the Virtual Boy and later spawned a Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 game. It's tennis. It's Mario. You'll LOVE it.... for a little while.


Mario and friends animate smoothly, and everything seems correct, perspective-wise. The tennis ball is easy to spot, and it appears to have depth as it flies across the screen.

Mario and company look pretty cool. Their animations are both interesting and good-looking. In particular, Princess Toadstool has a rather humorous "bounce" when she walks back from the net. The characters look great. Stuff flies around in the backgrounds from time to time.


The music is not annoying, nor does it stand out. There is a severe lack of voice in the game that rather disappoints me. Overall, it could be better.


This is a 3-D version of Pong, in a way; you play against computer opponents though. There is no multi-player mode and that makes me rather sad. The game is rather easy to beat and just goes downhill after you have beaten it.

You move and hit either A or B to return the ball. Standard Tennis rules are in effect and it is pretty fun: a nice 3-D game with limited replay and spiraling interest after you have beaten it. They should have used some more "frosting" on this cake.




It's a great little time waster for once in a while. It's also a decent pack-in game and one that every Virtual Boy owner should already own. It's worth the time to play, it just gets old quickly.

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