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This is a Virtual Boy conversion of the well known classic Tetris, you drop the blocks, moving and twisting them trying to make as many lines as possible to improve your high score and get to as high as possible levels. Everyone will always find themselves trying to get a V–Tetris (that's four lines completed at once). Like any Tetris game this one is highly addictive!

You have the choice of two backgrounds when you play, kind A is a moving background where for example stars race by from the back into the foreground (the only real 3D touch in the game comes from stars flying by) and kind B where you see two figures standing still watching you.

Controls stay true to all old version, move with the left four–directional pad to either direct the blocks left or right or speed their descend up by moving down. Button A turns/shifts a block clockwise and Button B turns/shifts a block counter–clockwise. While playing the game Select makes the upcoming "Next block" feature invisible/visible. In Type C you also get to use the back L & R Buttons to move the playfield to the left (with L) and right (with R).

Not only each time you start a game do you get to pick your level/round and background you wish to start in, but also the choice of three different kinds of nice music or a silent mode if you want to concentrate really hard on the game (or if you dislike the Tetris tunes). Type C however doesn't offer music selection and only gives you one (although new) music tune and an alternating background as you advance to higher levels.

In short the Classic and New modes are extremely addicting. Sure, the 3D is just a gimmick, but who cares when you're having so much fun playing the game. Top notch this one. I loved Tetris since I got it with my original GameBoy, and just the same I love V–Tetris too, you'll be hooked all over again once you play this great game. -Ferry Groenendijk