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Welcome to a revolutionary type of puzzle game! 3–D blocks are maneuvered and stacked within the "well" in order to completely fill each individual layer. The well is a wire–framed display in the center of the screen. This game in entirely and completely in 3D, Block Out–style!

You'll need lightning fast responses, split–second timing, and a strategic mind while dimensional blocks are falling down at a demanding pace. And if you do it right you will earn a place in the battery–backed high scores lists!

The different game modes are: Regular 3–D Tetris, Center–Fill, and Puzzle. In the first two modes you'll get most regular (line filling) version, while Type B places objects throughout the well when you start off to make it harder. While Clear It! has you making 10 lines to advance from level to level.

However in the Puzzle mode you are only offered the Clear It! . just with a twist. At the start of each stage, the goal shape will be displayed in the well. When you manipulate the falling blocks correctly and create the desired shape, the stage is complete. If even one square of one block is placed incorrectly, then the game is over. When a stage is completed, a cool stage–ending animation will be displayed, and off to the next level you go.

The music is awesome! Reflects your stress and is upbeat and fun all the time, very nice sound effects to boot, even a depth of sound feeling to it all. Plain greatness!

The first time a Tetris game was done correctly in 3–D, and it's utter and total genius. Everyone will enjoy this game or at least get hooked on it, no doubt about it. You have to play it to experience it's simplicity to master the controls even though all buttons are used to complexity in this game, it goes without saying: buy this gem! -Ferry Groenendijk