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In the future, the 22nd century to be exact, Telerobotics technology has been used to perform work unbearable to humans. By mirroring their human controlled movements and with the specialization of this technology came the interest in sport, and you guessed it, human players began matching their robots out in boxing matches and called themselves Teleroboxers (editors note: I guess they never heard of Battle Bots). Now a world tournament was started to determine the world champion, thus the birth of Teleroboxing.

With Harry (your spike haired Teleroboxing Bot) you'll battle 9 opponents to win or become scrap metal. To fight your way up to the top to face the end boss, you must learn to control many different blocks, punches, and special boxing attacks, some are hard to get a grasp on and often take too long to attack, but others easy and effective for lightning quick attacks, which is exactly what you'll need when facing off with all these monster robots.

In up to five rounds a winner must be determined to pass on to the next round, just be careful not to be knocked out or you'll screen go blank with 'the static of destruction'. Your opponents are not to be taken lightly, either, with their 3,000 to 6,000 kg backed up punches, but lucky for you the game saves each match you progress, so you can take in a little bit of fresh air away from your VB if you want to (which is highly recommended).

The in game music isn't anything special to listen to, very basic, with some nice effects. The only music I really liked was that of the short intro movie, which I thought was very cool with nice effects! As for visuals, well, the boxing moves are executed in depth perspective, but that's about it. You'd think you were playing a 16–bit boxing game, there's that many cardboard cutout layers. Once you master some of the special moves (as found in the manuals) you can really get it on with the harder enemies. After a "long" match you will really enjoy seeing your opponent explode into a thousand pieces and having their human (CPU) controllers fall in awe. The game is extremely challenging at least. In short Teleroboxing is an ok game, severely missing that Nintendo magic. There is just no atmosphere, and not much that will keep you wanting to get to the end. A basic game, only advised to be bought by boxing fans that are looking for something different on their VB. I can't seem to play this game for more than 10 minutes, I just don't have the skills or patients to execute the Robot's moves that take the most damage, so I'm probably not enjoying the game to it's fullest. Then again, I don't really want to either. This game should have been so much better. -Ferry Groenendijk