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Catchy back ground tunes (some very familiar retro tunes) together with an endless stream of fast computer opponents make this a very addictive game.

If you have first practiced a bit so you know some moves (read: so you can hit the ball) you can make this game yours immediately. You must try to beat your computer opponent by slamming the ball three times to their side of the space–field, while you must stop them from trying to hit your wall, sounds simple?

In the beginning maybe, but later on you'll need "lightning" fast reactions to beat your robot opponent, this is because you will soon find yourself aiming for much more than the other end of the playfield. You will need to trash your opponents themselves, collect bonus power–ups and sometimes beat puzzles (still as a part of beating your enemy). Plus you'll get a bonus level after each five levels!

The playfield has many different variations in the game, from simple spacelevels to narrow (and checkered) corridors and even with closing backdoors so you will have to defeat your enemy before being able to hit the other side of the playfield with the ball.

In short: This game has really nice 3D effects, you will have to get used to positioning the ball on the playfield but once you master that, the game has no limit to it's fun, the programmers have done a good job at covering the classic game Pong.

My opinion: The best Japanese only game I have played so far! I had only one negative experience with this game and that was when my batteries where drained of their powers and I was forced to stop. Just get this game if you can, it's worth every penny (or dollar or if you're lucky yen) you spend on it. -Ferry Groenendijk