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In 2100 A.D. you'll have to protect the Milky Way Galaxy from alien invaders and other space threads, and what better way to do this than by playing Pinball, right?


Yeah, sure. Each of the four tables has a story of their own and makes for some very interesting themes. Having played lots of arcade and other pinball videogames throughout the years, this Virtual Boy incarnation comes as a real treat. Filled with lush 3D movements the ball storms over, in front of and behind the playfield. It goes just about everywhere if you hit it right and that sure makes for a big challenge keeping it on the table.

Just like real pinball, the rules are basic. Keep the puck in play with the flippers, and try to beat the high score. Galactic Pinball is great fun if you're playing with friends, taking turn after turn.

And incase your ball gets stuck somewhere simply shake the table, but not too much or you'll cause a TILT! In the bonus games you'll be using the left directional pad to steer and A to shoot. One on each table, if you collect a certain number of star marks, you will advance to the Bonus Stage. You will be given the option to play the Bonus Stage or simply accept the bonus points. In the Bonus Stage, you need to strike the stars with your ball. Hit all twelve for a cool million–point bonus! Another bonus stage has you destroying the approaching comets at the Colony table. However, by far my favorite is the hidden Bonus Game at the Cosmic table where you play as Samus in a Metroid mini–game!

Music in all the levels is extremely well done, it sounds dark, spacey, and very moody all at the same time. A very cool effect from the intro to throughout the game quite a lot is that there's speech telling you where you are and what is about to happen, the phrase "Welcome to space world. Let's go!!" is sure to stick in your mind for a while. As for the other sound effects on the tables, as much as you can expect, the basic pinball sounds which suffice nicely.

This game is Pinball heaven for those not completely bored of this genre. Even if you didn't enjoy pinball as a kid, be sure to give this game a try. This is one of those must–have titles that has so much game play to offer, you'll keep coming back for months. -Ferry Groenendijk