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ger TOTAL! 03/95
TOTAL! - Germany - 2 Pages
General info about the Virtual Boy's technology, specs, price are given in a report about the Winter CES '95.
ger TOTAL! 07/95
TOTAL! - Germany - 4 Pages
This issue's E3 report features info about the coming Virtual Boy release. Also contains an interview with NoE manager Werner Rudolph.
ger TOTAL! 09/95
TOTAL! - Germany - 3 Pages
A report about the Ultra64 and the Virtual Boy featuring beta screens, a releaselist, an illustration, proto-pics and lots of facts and dates. A racing-game called "Virtual Formula" which is said to feature "extremely flowing 3d-effects" is mentioned!
ger TOTAL! 08/97
TOTAL! - Germany - 1 Page
Cheats for Jack Bros, Mario's Tennis, Virtual League Baseball and Panic Bomber.
ger Videogames 03/95
Videogames - Germany - 1 Page
A show report from the Winter CES '95. Only 1 page but a Mario Kart-like game is mentioned.
ger Videogames 07/95
Videogames - Germany - 3 Pages
Shortly before the US launch general information about the Virtual Boy is given. With proto screens and a pic of the E3 Red Alarm prototype!
ukv TOTAL! 07/95
TOTAL! - Great Britain - 2 Pages
News from E3 '95 with info and logos of the launch games.
ukv TOTAL! 08/95
TOTAL! - Great Britain - 1 Page
For the first time the editors could play final games and everybody wrote about his favorite game.
ukv TOTAL! 05/96
TOTAL! - Great Britain - 4 Pages
Descriptions of the released and unreleased US games.
usa Nintendo Power 70 (03/95)
Nintendo Power - USA - 5 Pages
Info abouts WCES 95.
usa Nintendo Power 73 (06/95)
Nintendo Power - USA - 6 Pages
A review about the launch of the Virtual Boy. it has interesting VB Mario Land pics and all (at that time) known details.
usa Nintendo Power 74 (07/95)
Nintendo Power - USA - 4 Pages
In this issue the Virtual Boy is mentioned two times, in the E3 report and then there is a first look at Virtual League Baseball with two proto screens.
usa Nintendo Power 75 (08/95)
Nintendo Power - USA - 27 Pages
Very extensive Virtual Boy article. On 20+ pages you can learn everything about hard- and software. This issue also has Virtual Boy trading cards on the back.
usa Nintendo Power 77 (10/95)
Nintendo Power - USA - 18 Pages
Vertical Force and Panic Bomber reviews plus a first look at Jack Bros.
usa Nintendo Power 82 (03/96)
Nintendo Power - USA - 13 Pages
3D Tetris review, Red Alarm cheats plus an overview of all released games.
usa GamePro 04/96
GamePro - USA - 1 Page
Reviews of Golf and Vertical Force.
usa Next Generation 08/95
Next Generation - USA - 1 Page
A VB review with high expectations, as you can read in the text.
usa Electronic Gaming Monthly 03/95
Electronic Gaming Monthly - USA - 4 Pages
A cool article featuring Winter CES 1995. It contains super rare screenshots of VB Mario Land, the dolphin technical demo, Space Pinball...
usa Electronic Gaming Monthly 02/96
Electronic Gaming Monthly - USA - 1 Page
A review of Vertical Force.
usa Electronic Gaming Monthly Video Game Preview Guide 1995
Electronic Gaming Monthly - USA - 3 Pages
An article about WCES '95.
ger MAN!AC 07/95
MAN!AC - Germany - 1 Page
Short article about the E3 '95, with a release list, which lists a Coconuts game called "War Simulation"...
ger Nintendo Fun Vision 06-07/96
Nintendo Fun Vision - Germany - 1 Page
An overview of US VB software.
ger Big.N 07-08/00
Big.N - Germany - 6 Pages
Virtual Boy's history. The only VB-related article ever in the Big.N magazine.
aus Nintendo Magazine 09/95
Nintendo Magazine - Australia - 2 Pages
On 2 pages filled with screenshots most of the coming VB-games are presented.
jpn Famitsu VB Tsushin (バーチャルボーイ通信)
Famitsu - Japan - 100 Pages
Even before the Virtual Boy was launched in Japan, the most famous japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu (formerly Famitsu Tsushin), brought out this one and only issue of Virtual Boy Tsushin, a 100 pages VB magazine with reports about upcoming games and technical issues, interviews and much more.
usa Tips & Tricks 02/03
Tips & Tricks - USA - 1 Page
A listing of all Virtual Boy releases with their rarity.
jpn VB Guide 2 (バーチャルボーイ追悼記念ガイドブック (改訂版))
VB Guide - Japan - 28 Pages
A 28 page black/white VB guide also known as "VB Fanzine". It was developed and published privately and released on 01/24/1998.
jpn 3D Virtual Boy Magazine (3D バーチャルボーイ MAGAZINE)
3D Virtual Boy Magazine - Japan - 36 Pages
Introduction of VB software, interviews and 3D "cross-eye" images of VB games. It also has a stereogram on the cover. When you hold it very close to your eyes and stare right through it for a while, and then slowly take it away from your eyes, something like a large 3D-"V" becomes visible.
usa GameFan Volume 3 Issue 11
GameFan - USA - 1 Page
Reviews of Mario Clash, "Mario's Dream Tennis", Red Alarm, Teleroboxer, Galactic Pinball and Vertical Force.
ger Play Time 03/95
Play Time - Germany - 2 Pages
Report from WCES 1995.
ukv Official Nintendo Magazine 01/10
Official Nintendo Magazine - Great Britain - 6 Pages
Long and good looking article, but sadly it spreads some misinformation.


ukv VB Special
Dante,, 2003/12/19, Original
Very nice and big article about the VB, it's games and homebrews, tech and history plus game reviews.
ukv Games That Defined the Nintendo Virtual Boy
racketboy, 2006/02/08, Original
ukv NeXGam VB Special
Kai Richard, NeXGam, 2002/09/29
ukv Nintendome VB Mega-Check
Christoph,, 2003/09/26