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txt Teleroboxer GameFAQv1.72004/01/07Brian Hodges25 KB
txt Teleroboxer Speed Guidev1.12004/01/07Brian Hodges7 KB
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Fight against cat robot:

To fight against the "Legendary Champ", a secret cat boxer, complete the game with a perfect balance (0 losses).

Perfect balance:

To get a perfect balance without any loss, just turn off the Virtual Boy when you lost a fight, before the screen appears that says "You Lost" and your loss will not be saved.

Red Dragon Cheats:

(The following cheats can only be used with the "Red Dragon" emulator. They have to be copied to the file "cheats.db".)

CT: Infinite Health
CC: 0-000477C-007F

CT: 1-Hit Knock Outs
CC: 0-0004780-0001