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Space Squash is a Japan-only game that's not so easy to find and, thus, has a high purchase price. Does it meet expectations? Is the game also worth it for non-collectors? Read for yourselves:

Space Squash plays - is it any wonder - in the future. Your mission is basically to destroy other robots. You do this by playing "Space Squash" against them! Everything clear? The game starts right after the intro, without any other menus. You start at Area A-1; each area section has 6 stages or opponents. When you have finished Area A-6, you can choose whether you want to continue at Area B-1 or C-1. Thus, you play from section to section.

You see the game action from a 3rd person perspective. You steer your little robot with the left joypad cross; with the right one, you let him hit the ball back. Since this is a futuristic form of squash played with a steel ball, you can naturally also use the walls for help, in order to give the ball some nice drifts. You can also "bend" the ball, of course. If you miss the ball, the opponent gets a point and vice versa. It is always played to "best of five." If you get hit by the ball, because you swung too late to hit it back, you will loose one of three heart pieces, your energy. You can also use specials, like an electromagnetic wall that prevents the ball from slipping through to you. You get these specials when you skillfully smash the various boxes in the stage and pick up the bonuses that then appear. There are also speed power-ups, with which you become faster, and health power-ups, where each one gives you back a heart of energy.

The stages themselves are wildly styled. There is, for example, a group of smileys floating around in the middle, and these want to hinder your shots; it's then a matter of skillfully overturning these. With an increasing degree of difficulty, the game also gets faster and faster and more interesting!

On every 5th stage, you have to deal with a boss that you mostly have to defeat with much cleverness and also a lot of patience! Once the boss is defeated, you can still enjoy a bonus round, which looks like a memory game... but I'll let you be surprised!

The best thing about Space Squash is definitely the controls. They are so magnificently realistic and precise that they make "bending" the ball and smashing it off the walls a lot of fun. The handling is truly phenomenal!

Space Squash is an absolutely brilliant game, which always ends up back in the cartridge port of the Virtual Boy. The ingenious controls and the fine handling make this game a must-have title! The graphics and sounds are implemented very elegantly, leaving nothing to be desired. Whoever can afford a copy should definitely grab it!

Author: DrAetzn

3-D Effect:
Lasting Appeal:
Overall (Not an Average):
8 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 10