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Red Alarm Review
Author: Garrison | Date: 2009/04/05 | Rating: 8/10

Red Alarm is an awesome futuristic shooter similar to Star Fox. This was one of the first games released for the Virtual Boy, and it sure is good. The story behind it says that there was this great war along time ago and one side won it with this deadly weapon, Killer Operating System, (K.O.S. or KAOS for short). After the war, peace was deemed the best option and all weapons were destroyed, but two, K.O.S. and a tech-wing fighter. Well, it turns out K.O.S isn't satisfied, it wants to survive. It starts up again and kills everything in its way. Now the world turns to you, a pilot, to man the fighter and blast through the 6, 3-D stages (each with bosses) to get to the heart of K.O.S; kill it, and come out alive (hopefully). The game has a nice story, but how about the gameplay? Stupendous. This game is a near perfect shooter. You get points, beat up swarms of enemies, upgrade your shields, turbo, and homing missiles, pull off breathtaking maneuvers through tight spaces, and have fun along the way. The bosses are great too. From the shape-shifting skull of stage 2 to the tiki heads of stage 4. The 3-D effect is great. The Enemies seem to fly right by your face and your plane appears to be suspended in mid-air (if you don't pick view type 3). If it's not good enough for you, Adjust the brightness and depth in options. The sound is fine, although you can tell it is artificial (but that sets the scene for fighting a giant evil computer). If you die you can continue up to three times, which helps a lot in later stages, but it takes a chunk from your score. The graphics are wire frame. Simple, but a wise decision, it would be harder to play with out seeing through some things. And, on top of that, there are tons of easter eggs hidden in game, from Virtual Boys to secret bonuses. You'll find a list of most of them in my guide. But, this game sounds too perfect. Is there something wrong with it? There is. Absolutely no save feature. You won't be able pick up where you left off, much less save your high score. It still is short enough to be able to beat in one sitting. To sum it all up: Red Alarm is pretty short, but another great game for the VB. Definitely recommended.

Graphics: 4/10
Wire frame. Good enough to tell what's happening. The renderings are very nice and you can change views. Seems appropriate for the story.

Sound: 7/10
Sounds artificial. Not a bad thing though, fits the environment. If you play the game a lot, these songs will be pounding in and out of your head all day long.

3-D capabilities: 10/10
This game was made for 3-D. Couldn't be much better if you were in a real cockpit. You just gotta see it. You can adjust the depth to make it more or less realistic.

Gameplay: 9/10
Wow. You kinda forget everything else for a time when you step into the world of Red Alarm. If it is too hard or easy, you can change the difficulty. Not only is it fun to blast down wave after wave of enemies, the conveniently placed controls and make this game awesome.

Length: 6/10
It's around 5 hours until you either beat it or get stuck. After about a 1 month break, the game will be fresh again.

Overall: 8/10
Red Alarm ends up being a great game for the VB. Sadly, a lack of the saving feature tolls heavily on this game. Nevertheless, this gem should be one to buy.