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Underrated Gem!
Author: DaytonaUSA | Date: 2012/08/28 | Rating: 10/10

For the most part, when I see this game reviewed, it gets fairly average scores. Maybe it's the disappointment of the game not actually being a traditional Bomberman game. Maybe people simply don't like puzzle games, or don't feel it's a good fit for the Virtual Boy.

I will admit. These are both valid points. Puzzle games in general don't make much sense for a three dimensional console. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say I really wish Hudson Soft made a traditional Bomberman game for the Virtual Boy.

But that does not mean that this game is bad. It does not mean that this game is even average. If you ignore the two points above, and take it for what it is.. you'll find that it's a fantastic game.

The game is essentially a reskinned Columns title, with a Bomberman theme. Some of the 3D effects still amaze me today. The 3D island on the title screen, the 3D Bomberman, and the scrolled backgrounds really breathe life into what could have been a very simple puzzle game.

Unlike V-Tetris (another good game), this title makes the puzzle genre a bit more exciting. The music's main theme is lifted straight from the SNES Bomberman titles, and you'll be humming along to both familiar and new tracks. This honestly is some of the best music on the Virtual Boy, and should be commended. It really creates an exciting atmosphere for the game, and for me is a large party of why this title keeps calling me back to play.

Unlike Columns, there are powerups that are given for what I can tell on random to you and the computer controlled player you are up against. Another interesting twist is that the better a player does, the more of his cleared blocks are dropped onto the other player. So the better you do, the harder you make it for the computer player and visa versa. Bombs can destroy other bombs on your screen, and every once in a while you'll get a giant bomb at the perfect time that saves you by clearing away "blocks" at just the right moment. It's fresh, exciting, and keeps you on your toes. The later levels can sometimes feel a bit cheap, but it is possible to beat the game and when you do it's a major accomplishment.

So no. This is no Red Alarm. It's no Wario Land. People won't be talking about this game in every Virtual Boy conversation. But this has to be one of the best titles for the system, period. And while it's not technically impressive, it delivers where it matters the most. Gameplay. And quite honestly with you, given how many duds are on this console, I'll take games like this ANY day.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this game. Either Japanese or American versions should be easy to follow and play. And both versions are more than affordable. Don't pass it up!