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Nester's Funky Bowling is, as the name already says, a classic bowling simulation.

With the cartridge inserted and the Virtual Boy started, you first look at the familiar VB adjustment screen, then follows the selection of the automatic pause function, until you finally find yourself at the title screen and then press START to begin.

In the selection menu, you can choose, as the only VB game at all, between 1 or 2 players - of course, not simultaneously but rather successively, unfortunately, due to the never released link cable.

Furthermore, you can choose the game mode. Bowl: if you want to play for points, with the goal of registering yourself in the high score list. Practice: if you simply want to practice once, and last but not least, Challenge: if you want to deal with predefined tasks; you must encounter pins in a given formation in each case.

Lastly, you can still choose between the background musics. With Sounds A, B and C, there are three different ones to choose from; of course, the sound can also be turned off. Sound B is, in my opinion, the best; it's really well done!

When you now press START once more, you can still choose whether you want to play with a boy or girl, and the weight of the bowling ball can still be adjusted.

Now the actual game begins. You find yourself on a classic bowling alley. You have the option of moving your player from left to right, while you have an arrow scale in front of you, which swings from left to right. Depending on the desired angle, it's then a matter of waiting for the right moment to stop the arrow and get the right swing.

Believe me, once you have the handling down pat, you can be bowling such nice, silky smooth strikes. This is a lot of fun and motivates one without end!

The ingenious thing about Nester's Funky Bowling is the digital display. Depending on your throw, you get to see another wonderfully rendered animation, e.g. if you come up empty, you see your character as he or she gets brutishly upset. If you get a strike, there are likewise many graphically high-quality animations to see. One notices what the Virtual Boy really has in graphics power! And unfortunately, one doesn't notice this with every VB game.

In my opinion, Nester's Funky Bowling should not be missing in any collection! An absolute must-have title!

Nester's Funky Bowling is the ideal title for playing a round every now and then and for improving one's strike. It's an absolute fun-maker that, not only because of the strong technical presentation, belongs in every serious collection!

Author: DrAetzn

3-D Effect:
Lasting Appeal:
Overall (Not an Average):
8 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 10

Second Opinion:

With certainty, Nester's Funky Bowling, with its wonderfully rendered graphics and witty presentation, is one of the best Virtual Boy games set in scene, but it's basically just a simulation of a rather dull sport… one can't really determine much more than the power, direction and spin of the ball…