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Could have been much, much better, but manages (barely) to be worth playing.
Author: Saikyo Ki | Date: 2001/07/19 | Rating: 6/10

Hm...the Virtual Boy is a 3D glasses system...why not make a VB game with polygons? People were waiting for a game like this for the VB ever since it came out. The 2D games were great, but the VB is supposed to be akin to using a Virtual Reality machine, not a souped up View Master. Finally, a polygonal game comes out...and everyone realizes why noone has attempted to make something like this so far.

Story: 1
There isn't a story at all. You just shoot things. Very disappointing.

Gameplay: 5
You are restricted to corridors to fly through, but they are quite wide and you have a good amount of freedom to fly around. You can speed up, slow down and shoot things. The stages are not linear, but it's extremely easy to get lost finding the exit. Chances are you'll get at least a little bit frustrated. You only have one type of laser.

Graphics: 7
Flying through the corridors was a very nice effect and seeing your enemies get closer and closer was also cool, but the graphics were all wire polygons. The frame rate was extremely slow, even slower than than the game Elite for the NES, which is also a wire polygon shooter. Since it's a 32 bit system, you'd think that there would be some kind of (albethem red) textures on the polys, or at least flat shading, but that would probably slow it down below a playable framerate. I don't blame the slow speed on the hardware, though. I think it's sloppy coding, which is a shame, because that means the game could have been much better.

Sound: 5
The music is GB quality and not very cool or fitting at all. There are, however, quite a bit of voice clips, which are interesting. The voice sounds way too hyper though. When you begin the first level, he says, ''Here we GO!''

Control: 10
Nothing wrong with this. All you have to do is speed up, slow down, turn and shoot after all...

Replay Value: 3
Only to see the neat 3D effect.

Bottom Line?
Well, if you have a VB and don't mind the wire polygons and choppy framerate, the 3D effect is neat and the game is moderately fun. It's a shame more time wasn't put into coding it, because if many good polygonal game were able to me made for this system, it would have made it much more popular. Sadly, this game is far from stellar, which is why I give it a 6.

Rating: 6 / 10