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txt 3D Tetris GameFAQv1.12004/10/17KR155E76 KB
txt Galactic Pinball GameFAQv1.12005/02/21Brian Hodges21 KB
txt Galactic Pinball Metroid Mini-Game In-Depth FAQv1.12008/09/18Brian Hodges8 KB
txt Golf GameFAQv1.12004/12/09Brian Hodges22 KB
txt Insmouse GameFAQv0.92003/06/28KR155E40 KB
txt Insmouse GameFAQv1.12005/02/19Brian Hodges65 KB
txt Jack Bros GameFAQv0.72003/06/28KR155E54 KB
txt Mario Clash GameFAQv-2002/01/04Greg Protomanni31 KB
txt Mario Clash GameFAQv1.32008/12/05Brian Hodges39 KB
txt Mario's Tennis GameFAQv1.12001/07/12Brak200016 KB
txt Mario's Tennis GameFAQv1.12004/11/28Brian Hodges20 KB
txt Mario's Tennis GameFAQv1.02003/07/22Koholint Takeout31 KB
txt Nester's Funky Bowling GameFAQv1.12008/09/18Brian Hodges10 KB
txt Panic Bomber GameFAQv1.12001/11/20Aaron Doucet13 KB
txt Red Alarm GameFAQv1.42008/09/18Brian Hodges29 KB
txt Space Invaders GameFAQv1.22008/12/08Brian Hodges10 KB
txt Space Squash GameFAQv1.22008/12/08Brian Hodges41 KB
txt Teleroboxer GameFAQv1.72004/01/07Brian Hodges25 KB
txt Teleroboxer Speed Guidev1.12004/01/07Brian Hodges7 KB
txt V-Tetris GameFAQv1.32004/11/28Brian Hodges10 KB
txt Vertical Force GameFAQv1.12008/09/18Brian Hodges27 KB
txt VB Wario Land GameFAQv1.12003/08/28Michael Tyler117 KB
txt VB Wario Land GameFAQv1.42010/10/25Brian Hodges61 KB
txt VB Wario Land GameFAQv1.22004/10/28nucleargamer1230 KB
txt VB Wario Land GameFAQv1.02005/01/18terrisus77 KB
txt Virtual Fishing GameFAQv1.12008/09/18Brian Hodges15 KB
txt Virtual Lab GameFAQv1.02004/06/15Brian Hodges7 KB
txt Virtual League Baseball GameFAQv1.22008/09/18Brian Hodges69 KB
txt Waterworld GameFAQv1.22008/09/18Brian Hodges10 KB
txt Game Endings FAQv1.32008/09/20Brian Hodges23 KB
txt The Unofficial Virtual Boy FAQv1.22001/07/08Matt McKenna15 KB
txt The Virtual Boy FAQv-2000/09/20Al Backiel & Keita Iida35 KB
txt The Virtual Boy FAQv1.01998/01/28Austin Schlosser10 KB
txt 3D Tetris GameFAQv1.02008/12/07Brian Hodges34 KB
txt Jack Bros GameFAQv1.02008/12/14Brian Hodges44 KB
txt Panic Bomber GameFAQv1.02008/09/18Brian Hodges18 KB
txt SD Gundam Dimension War GameFAQv1.02008/12/15Brian Hodges8 KB
txt Virtual Bowling GameFAQv1.02008/12/15Brian Hodges8 KB
zip Red Alarm Strategy Guidev1.02009/04/05Garrison2,179 KB
zip Panic Bomber Strategy Guidev1.02009/04/21Garrison1,324 KB
pdf Virtual Bowling Strike Guidev1.02011/06/06Benjamin Stevens60 KB
pdf Mansion of Insmouse Level Mapsv1.02012/04/29Benjamin Stevens176 KB
pdf Virtual Fishing Tournament Mode English Translationsv12015/04/02Benjamin Stevens6,861 KB
txt Bound High! FAQ/Walkthroughv1.02015/08/23Brian Hodges54 KB


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Hard mode:

To access a harder mode, press L, L, R, L, R, Select on the title screen. You'll hear a "ping" sound if you did it correctly.

Harder serve:

There are three ways of doing a harder serve:
1.) Press A and B simultaneously to serve.
2.) When it's your serve, throw the ball with A, wait for 2 seconds and then smash it with B. If you did it right, you'll hear a whistle.
3.) When it's your serve, throw the ball up with A (or B), wait for 2 seconds and then smash it with Up+A.