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Jack Bros. Review
Author: Garrison | Date: 2009/01/01 | Rating: 9/10

In Jack Bros, You play as one of 3 brothers that have entered from the fairy world into ours on Halloween to have some fun. As the hours raced by, Jack was having so much fun that he forgot about the time. Now it's 11:00 PM and he has to get home by midnight or he'll disappear forever. The normal way home will take far too long, so he has to take a dangerous shortcut. Aided by pixie, an fairy inhabitant of earth immune to the powers of Midnight, he heads off through 6 stages of action packed areas each with a brutal boss that will try to take him down so he won't be able to meet up with his brothers in their home land. Jack Frost can quickly throw snow balls at his enemies and use his special to freeze them in their tracks. His quickly made snowballs don't do much damage but can be thrown virtually nonstop. Jack Lantern uses fire as his main weapon. His flaming projectiles are more powerful than Frost's snow balls, and his special will burn most enemies to a crisp. If it doesn't kill them, it will severely injure them. The final of the tricky trio is none other than Jack Skelton (A.K.A. Jack Ripper in the Japanese version). He doesn't need anything other than his trusty knife, the most powerful of all the Bros' weapons, but is for close range use only. Because of his light gear, he can zip around the stages much faster than his brothers. When Jack Skelton uses his special, all the enemies on screen (except bosses) are killed by knives raining from the sky. Unless you're very good at the game, everything he gains with his speed he will lose by injuries he sustains in battle. The game itself is awesome in almost every way. The graphics are pretty good, and the levels all look different from one another. The difficulty is progressively more and more tough, until the point when you get to Crystal Palace and you think you'll never beat the game. The BGM is fantastic throughout the game, and the sound effects are nearly as nice. Almost every gamer will have something they like in this game. Beginning gamers will be content with areas 1 & 2, while those who like a challenge will be enjoying areas 5 & 6. Puzzlers will find mind challenges throughout the game, mainly in area 6, but they shouldn't be that hard if you're any good at those kind of puzzles. The 3-D is OK, but the game doesn't need it, but takes normal use of it. The game is very long if you want to completely beat it, and relatively short for its price if you want to go through it once as only one of the bros. If all goes well (which it won't) You can beat the game in around 45 minuets with each Jack. Count on about 2 hours for the first time you beat it. Then you need to beat it again with the other ones, unlock secret levels and characters before you really can say you beat it. The total time then will be about over 8 hours. One more thing you should know before you try to buy it. It's not a cheap game. In fact, the US version is the most expensive American Virtual Boy game. The Japanese version goes for over forty bucks. To sum it all up: If you're in enough to Virtual Boy to enjoy the games, and you can afford to buy it, Jack Bros. is a definite must have for both gamers and collectors alike. One of the best games, if not the best, you'll ever play for the system.

Graphics 8/10
Nearly everything that you'll see in the game looks great. The animations transition pretty smoothly.

Sound 10/10
Probably has the best songs on the VB. They all sound awesome.

3-D Effect 7/10
The 3-D is nice. Jack, the walls, enemies, and power-ups all pop out at you. Watching Jack jump down to the next floor is very impressive.

Gameplay 9/10
The innovative system of combining health and time is perfect. The story does a good job at adding it in, and playing it feels great. The controls translate well onto the screen. Only minor catch is the difficulty starts out too easy and ends up pretty hard.

Length 8/10
The game has SO many secrets and challenges, that, although it will only take around 45 minuets to beat it each time, you'll play it loads of times as each character. If you are planning on beating it once with only 1 of the bros, change the length to about 2 hours.

Overall: 9/10
Jack Bros. is an amazing game. The graphics, sound, 3-D, length, and excellent gameplay add up to wonderful game, even by today's standards. A must have; if you can afford it!