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Insmouse No Yakata review
Author: Renard Queenston | Date: 2011/07/31 | Rating: 9/10

I beat Insmouse No Yakata on the Virtual Boy tonight. It was very short, less than half an hour, but a lot of fun, and the replay value is very high. The randomized item + monster placement can make any level anything ranging from laughably easy to nearly impossible, and I love the feelings conveyed as you progress through each level. Sometimes you'll stumble on the key and exit very quickly and chuckle to yourself, but sometimes you will find the map item and look around the map to plan your route to the key, and then getting the key you'll start to tense up, looking for the exit and getting panicky. The feeling of relief after you do find the exit is awesome. The multiple endings are really cool, too.

The atmosphere is very thick for such a dated looking and sounding game, and can really make your heart race as the time counts down. The soundtrack was really fun and had some tense moments. There are some good jump scares too when the monsters will sometimes jump right through the walls of another room to get you.

While it's definitely technically flawed insofar that it's so randomized, I don't think it ends up actually being a flaw due to the way the game plays. There is no real strategizing, there is just running and freaking out over the timer and the fact that you're going to run out of ammo and die. Overall, it's the most engrossing experience on the VB so far for me and stands as a favorite game. However, I can understand why some people would not like it. It's not a game for everybody. But i'd recommend trying it.