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This game is good if you like golf games.
Author: Rhindle The Red | Date: ? | Rating: 5/10

Every time a new video game system comes down the pike, it seems one of the first games to come out for the system is a golf game. For the Virtual Boy, T & E Soft designed one called "Golf" in the USA, and "T & E Virtual Golf" in Japan. This review is based on the Japanese version, but (except for text) it is identical to "Golf."

Graphics 3 out of 5

Any golf game in this day and age should be expected to have a number of things. The movement of the player should be fluid. The ball should bounce and roll in a natural way. Also the backgrounds should seem natural. "Virtual Golf" succeeds for the most part on all these counts, but still fails to satisfy. Although the players motion is fluid, it doesn't seem to change much from shot to shot. The only noticeably different shot is a put. The ball's movement is good and it reacts to the environment well. But it has no apparent weight, it just looks like a circle. The background is, perhaps, the nicest thing in the game, graphically. The trees are not just dropped in, they seem to have an actual place where they always are. On the Virtual Boy, the all-red screens can make backgrounds hard to see, but T & E has managed to make all the different textures effectively unique.

Music and Sound 2 out of 5

The music is okay in this game. It is, however, simplistic and repetitive. There does not seem to be any real variety when it comes to being in different situations in the game. With an immersive system such as the VB, sound should be more connected to action than it is here. The sound of hitting the ball seems slightly off, as well.

Game Challenge 4 out of 5

There is no denying this is a hard game. Many aspects of golf have been worked in (power of stroke, direction, stance, etc.). The course itself is well laid out, and gets more difficult as one goes along.

Game Play-Fun 3 out of 5

All that being said, the game isn't all that much fun. The large amount of detail in gameplay leads to tedium in trying to get through the whole game. I often find myself quitting just because I can't take going through the DIRECTION-STANCE-POWER-LOCATION routine again.

Replayability 1 out of 5

The nature of this game seems to reduce the replay likelihood. There being only one course, once that has been mastered, there is little reason to go back.

Overall 13 out of 25

Overall, this game is good if you like golf games, or just want to get everything for the VB. It certainly shows of the VB's potential on a few things, and that alone may be worth getting it. But if you do, I'll almost guarantee it'll sit on your shelf more often than in your system.