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Tee off for 18 holes of realistic 3–D links! Virtual Boy Golf elevates the game to an incredible new level!

Determine your strategy and ponder the conditions. Select a club and adjust your swing. Consider the wind factor carefully or you could end up out of bounds! Each dimensional fairway provides harrowing hazards to challenge players of all handicaps. Swing into action and be ready for each of the 18 red and black holes.

The music is great, a very well composed soundtrack that fits the golf theme like a charm. And with the "oooooh aaaah" & cheery sound effects included it's all you'd expect. The 3–D in the game is created by the "V–Polysys Integrated 3D SP Ver.2.0a" engine. Which gives you an excellent feel of depth when you look into the background of the golf courses as you hit the ball. If only those trees weren't so inconveniently placed, because of their 2D–ness in a 3D landscape it's hard to estimate if the golf ball will hit them or not.

Other than that the player and ball movements are very realistic in the varying course environments, for example: the golf ball bounces as unpredictable as it would on a real course. In short, T&E Soft is well known for their Papillon Country Club golf simulators, and you can see why, smooth control and easy access menus make for a great game for the golf fans amongst us! -Ferry Groenendijk