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I'm actually not such a fan of golf simulations, but what T&E Soft delivers here is really top notch. The Virtual Boy has finally been nearly stretched to its limits.

After the VB has been made ready to go, and we have pushed away the annoying auto pause function, we find ourselves directly in the menu of the game. Here, you can choose between the two modes "Stroke Play" and "Tournament Play," which don't differ in gameplay, except that with the latter, you take part in a tournament. Furthermore, you can look at your various records and statistics, such as farthest shot, longest putt, and your current average, but thanks to the missing save function, these are erased after every new start of the Virtual Boy. You can also enter passwords (if you have any) and go into the Options menu, where it is possible to adjust the depth of the graphics, the music setting, the button assignments, and the auto pause function. Now, let's come to the actual gameplay:

After you have entered your name, you find yourself immediately on the green. In the "troke Play" mode, you can first view all 18 holes of the course in peace from a 3D perspective and, at the same time, also select each hole individually, whereas in the "Tournament Mode," you naturally play holes 1-18 in ascending order. You find yourself on a truly breathtaking 3D surface and now have the opportunity to select a suitable club, to assume the proper hitting position and, of course, also to find the proper feet position. Once you have made your decisions here, you devote yourself to the shot. First, you can determine the swing of the shot and, secondly, the exact position of the impact, with which the height and distance of the current shot can be determined. When the ball is in the air, you follow behind in 3D still images. The graphics here really make a very, very good impression and create an incredible atmosphere. Once you are close enough to the hole, it's a matter of gently putting the ball in. You also get to see your own golfer here during the hit. Also, at any time, you can admire your last shot once again in a replay. It's really fun to play this game. Once you get the right feel for the ball and you are slowly muddling your way through the "Tournament Mode," a long-term motivation appears. You can leave the game at any time and "save" your current game status by means of a password.

The music isn't necessarily very exhilarating. It hums docilely and not annoyingly in the background. If necessary, you can also turn it off at any time.

The only negative point I would like to mention is that there is only a single 18-hole course. Here, the programmers could have calmly let us freely play a further… well, forget it. With the "still" low purchase price, one should grab it in any case.

With the cool animations and the (for its time) stylish richness of detail, it makes playing the Virtual Boy fun! The great 3D flair makes this title a sleeper hit!

Author: DrAetzn

3-D Effect:
Lasting Appeal:
Overall (Not an Average):
8 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 10

Second Opinion:

I never would have thought that a golf game could be so fascinating, but "(T&E Virtual) Golf" is, at least from the technical conversion. Whether the sports conversion has succeeded, an expert should decide; it has graphically in any case. Another time, however, the missing save battery tugs at the gameplay.