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Big fish eat small fish! In Fishbone you play as a fish called Bubbles and go for Highscores in a total of 4 levels by eating as many smaller fish as you can, while avoiding the ones bigger than you, bombs and other harmful things.

Fishbone was the first game to utilize thunderstruck's "Thunder Engine".

- 16 different enemy types
- 3 different victim types
- 5 different attack patterns
- 8 different songs
- Every stage consist of 51 unique screens which were created using a level editor that has been programmed from scratch specifically for Fishbone
- Every stage has a unique feel by using different sized enemies with different attack patterns

Extra Info

- All the enemies in the game have been named after members of Planet Virtual Boy.

- The stage selection screen has been inspired by the unreleased VB game Faceball.

- All songs have been converted from Midi files.

- Creating a single stage took "1 and a half Superman movies (I ran out of Superman movies in the end)", according to thunderstruck.