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Welcome to the Virtual Boy Development Wiki!

This is a collaborative effort of the VB (homebrew) community to document Virtual Boy programming, compile tutorials, share tips, code snippets, custom libraries, or whatever. Every registered Planet Virtual Boy user can contribute! Information about how this wiki works can be found on the quickstart page, or you can go directly to the syntax page.



Before you can do anything, you need to set up your compiler for comfortable use. How you want to use is your choice.

Getting Started

After everything is set up, we can start programming. Here's some well-documented sample code for beginners to start learning. Advanced users can skip this part. Please note that minor changes may be necessary depending on what version of the compiler you've installed!

VB Programming Documentation

Mad Scientists' Laboratory

Does it need to be added to the VB? Should it be removed? What about replacing it with a faster, smaller, or just plain better version? This is the place for all those crazy things that simply must be done to, with, or for the VBjust because we can!



More info about coding for and/or hacking the Virtual Boy can be found on the following sites:

  • The Unofficial Nintendo Virtual Boy Homepage
    Homepage of the Reality Boy Emulator as well as the very useful "VB Programmer's Manual".
  • Project: VB
    Some hacking tutorials, sample codes and tech info!
  • Virtual-E Homepage
    Homepage of the Virtual-E Emulator and the Virtual Environment IDE. It also contains some programming tutorials. They're all focused on Assembly, though.


ltaglink, d.m.Y

ltaglink, d.m.Y

sjp2, d.m.Y

A 3D game for a 3D world!


Last modified: 09.07.2020